Lesson 1 - Financial Planning

Why is your money important?

Throughout these lessons plans, we have taken real life scenarios for you to read and think about through each lesson. We encourage you to read and study the charts and graphs presented of our real life scenario so that you can compare your own unique situation.

For many people, Financial Planning is often seen as a daunting task that is put aside until a later time.  Finance in our daily lives can be time consuming, sometimes difficult and usually changing due to our own circumstances.  It’s important to remember that finance is always with us everywhere we go, every time we do something.

With each generation comes new challenges and problems that must be given consideration.  For example, Baby boomers would never have given to much thought or worry about health care and retirement.  But for the millennia’s, these will become important decisions that will require a close examination.

To become financially self-reliant will require you to develop financial skills so that you can succeed later in life.  And even if you’ve gotten off to a later start, better now than never.  But we will always stress that starting early in life can save you many headaches later on.  Gaining an understanding of Finance can be one of the most important things in your life.

So what is Financial Success anyway? And how do I know if I’ve gotten there? Financial Success, is defined as “obtaining the most benefits from a limited resource.” This simply means that you can be successful even if your income is below the poverty line. It all comes down to how you allocate your limited financial resources to determine if you are successful or not.


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