The Basics

Our first section is called “The Basics” Here we have four different lesson plans to get you started in building a foundation for the rest of your learning to continue.  We will go over some important broad topics so that you will understand more focused topics later on.  Each lesson will contain several easy to read parts.


The Basics No. of Parts Time to Complete Total Time for Section
Financial Planning 10 15 Minutes 15 Minutes
Value of Money 11 15 Minutes 30 Minutes
Statements and Budgets 18 25 Minutes 55 Minutes
Taxes 10 10 Minutes 65 Minutes

You can explore each section individually, or for a complete understanding of the content, you can click the continue button at the bottom of this page and start the first lesson.

We hope that after finishing our lessons that you will be better prepared for a more stable and secure financial future.  After each lesson, we encourage you to use the forums on the last page of each lesson if you have any questions or feedback.


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