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Here at Finance Education we want to provide you with a well-rounded personal financial education.  We have spent some time gathering and organizing the information presented in this website for you.  We have selected several Sections as outline below for you to learn about and explore.

Our website is designed to take you through a comprehensive exploration of these sections and lessons in order of the table below.

Sections and Lessons

The Basics Daily Living Long-Term Purchases Investments Insurance and Retirement
Financial Planning Cash Management Consumer Durables Markets Property and Insurance
Value of Money Short-Term Credit Cars Basics Health and Disability
Statements and Budgets   Housing Stocks and Bonds Life and Estate Planning
Taxes     Mutual Funds Retirement

You can explore each section individually, or for a complete understanding of the content, you can click the continue button at the bottom of this page and start the first lesson.

We hope that after finishing our lessons that you will be better prepared for a more stable and secure financial future.  After each lesson, we encourage you to use the forums on the last page of each lesson if you have any questions or feedback.


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