Main Points - Spend

Spend Money

We all have things we want to buy, but when we are buying we always need to be aware of the deal. Simply are we getting a good deal on whatever we are buying. Sometimes we need to compare other sellers or comparable items to make sure that we get the best value for our money.

Our Goal in Spending should be to make sure we have a plan or budget for whatever we are buying. As we read about in Saving, we should have a plan for our current and future Goals. Having a plan or budget in place will help to make sure that we are not wildely spending where we shouldn't be.  It also helps us to analyze and make rational decisions about our spending and will help us get the best deal.

If one retailer is selling a tablet for $200 and the one next store is selling the same tablet for $190, it would have made sense to use to make sure we had shopped around for the best price first. Shopping around doesn't necessarily mean that we will find much of a price difference between certain items, but lets say we are going to spend money on car insurance.

We might find very different prices and different products.  Sometimes it is hard for us to compare products of one company to another. We need to take a Marginal approach to our spending, and only compare features that are different, and ask ourselves if the extra cost is worth the extra price.

We always encourage people to plan there purchases, if we don't plan our purchases, especially for expensive items, we can quickly be over spending. We want to live within our means, and not be spending more than we can. As explained from before, Borrowing can be a useful tool if used respectfully. Borrowing doesn't and shouldn't give us an excuse to Spend more than we budget or save for.


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