Main Points - Save

Save Money

The earlier we Save and Invest money for our future Goals the better, and it's never to late to start if you already haven't. Saving money early on in life can help you buy that car, house or even retire. The more we save early on the more we should earn in interest later on.

Saving and Investing early will help you achieve Financial Success later on in life. It's important to have a Savings Goal Plan so that you know how much you need to Save to achieve your Goals. Retirement, that vacation to Europe, or providing funds for your children all require money.  With Savings and Investing you can make sure that you get there.

Getting into the habit of saving your money is an important one to have early on.  As we talk about in our Lesson, "Value of Money" the more time we have the money Saved and Invested for the more we will earn in the end. The popular saying is "Pay Yourself First", this means that we need to Save money for ourselves first.

It means that Saving and Investing for our self should be taken care of first, before we go and buy non essential items.  Knowing how much to save is just as important with our Savings Goal Plan.  While we want everyone to Save for their future Goals, we should note that it doesn't mean that we want everyone living in inadequate living conditions just to save.  There is no point going thought life eating Raman noodles every night for dinner just to save a dollar.

But, that we should keep in mind what we need to save and when to save it.  As long as we are aware of what we need to do, it should help us make conscience dissecions about our Savings.


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