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Earn Money

Earning money doesn't just allow us to live in the now, but also for the future. Over the course of our careers our Earnings should rise and we need to make sure we know the path to make them rise.

Choosing a career can sometimes be a very difficult adventure.  When choosing any career or job, we should walk into the job knowing where we are going.  We want to know what opportunities might exist in the future and how we can get there. Having a clear idea of the advancement structure in a company will give us a better understanding of what we can work towards and expect in the future.

If the job we are interested in doesn't offer any type of promotion or increase in Earnings, then we should take that into consideration before accepting a job or that type of career.  We also could have a very long time in between promotions, that could also affect our decision to take a job.  Would you like to work in a job that takes 5 or 10 years to progress to the next step paying only the minimum?

This is all important information that we should learn about prior to selecting a job or career.  After all, our career will have the biggest impact on our Earnings.

Knowing what your employer offers in terms of benefits is also another area to examine. Some employers offer retirement programs, insurance programs and others.  These benefits might not directly affect our Earnings, but they can boost or hinder our Earnings over time.

For example, if the company offers an insurance benefit to cover part or all of the cost, it means we don't have to use our Earnings to cover these expenses. Thus, we get to keep more of our Earnings.


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